August 20, 2011

About Explore Raleigh


Explore Raleigh began as a Meetup group that grew to over 3,000 members. Over our first 3 years we hosted over 300+ events all over Raleigh and Durham. We often hosted events at new restaurants and bars and encouraged our attendees to be social and make new friends. One of our earliest crowning moments was when two people met at one of our Monday Night Football events and a couple years down the road got married! When their relationship solidified into a marriage it reassured us what we were doing was very important.

“Explore Raleigh is all about inspiring people to step out of their normal routine
and experience Raleigh’s best restaurants, bars, clubs, parks, greenways and various
other hidden treasures that make Raleigh such a great city to live in.”
– Jon Riddick, Founder of Explore Raleigh

Since then we have closed down the Meetup group and transitioned to Facebook where we are able to connect with more people. However these days we host fewer events and instead recommend awesome events hosted by other people, organizations and businesses in the Triangle area. So, please follow Explore Raleigh on Facebook. To get the most from our FB page, adjust your “following” to “see first” and make sure your “event notifications” are “on” so you will always know the best things happening around the Triangle.

As Explore Raleigh was growing as a social group I (Jon) was building my marketing business. The two ran parallel for quite some time but eventually meshed into one and Explore Raleigh became a marketing business specializing in event planning, social media marketing and mobile marketing.

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Thank you for your interest in Explore Raleigh and we look forward to seeing you around Raleigh!